How to order

For a verbal price indicator is recomended to mesure the space available where you would want the furniture before contacting us. Draw up and email a plan which sets out the location of electrical sockets and the sink etc. If there is a floor plan of your house or apartment this will help. Do not worry about accurate measurements as we will do this when we start the project.

The next step is a Furniture Project to form an agreement between us, of course we will listen to your ideas and offer solutions where necessary but this will clarify your requirements and form the agreement between us.  

Then we will form a contract, describing in detail the furniture design (including materials to be used, kitchen equipment, etc..), the cost of furniture and the deadline.

Payment terms

50% of the furniture cost to be paid when the contract is signed, the remining furniture cost is to be paid before delivery. Finally, the installation charges will be requested after the furniture has been assembled. 

Delivery and installation dates will be confirmed when all of the furniture has been constructed by us. Delivery and Installation will take place at an agreed time with you. Project duration depends on the complexity of the project.

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Kadaka tee 50, Tallinn
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